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Sheer Fitness was founded with two main goals in mind.  First, we want to encourage and empower people of all ages to increase their level of fitness and improve their quality of life.  Second, we want to introduce and share an exciting new way to train using adaptive resistance exercise, ARX.  

What is ARX

The developers of ARX have taken exercise technology to a whole new level, combining motorized resistance with computerization.  This amazing equipment actually adjusts to the strength level of each person who uses it making every rep the perfect rep.  A bonus is it's advanced tracking software that provides a visual display of your entire workout as you perform it, which is not only a motivational tool but a permanent record of your session that will be stored to the Cloud for future reference.  Muscle development and bone density are just two of the benefits of ARX.  It is not only much safer than traditional weight training, it is much more efficient.  A typical workout session is 12 to 15 minutes once or twice weekly using an individualized exercise plan developed by a certified fitness trainer.  

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